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How should children deal with dangerous accidents when they take the elevator?

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/26/2019 4:45:06 PM    Pageviews:

    In our modern life, elevators are everywhere, especially in some residential areas, many families have children. Now with the increasing number of elevator accidents, as parents, we may also worry about some elevator accidents when children take the elevator. So we need to teach our children relevant safety standards in time. Today, we will introduce how to deal with dangerous accidents when children take the elevator.

1、Asking for help and self-help
    When the elevator suddenly falls in an emergency, don't mess up. Press the button on each floor quickly. Press it from the bottom to the top. Press it again with the fastest speed, whether it's bright or not. With good luck, the elevator may stop falling on a certain floor. Don't try to push the inner door of the elevator. If there is an emergency exit on the ceiling of the elevator, don't climb out. If the exit plate is closed unexpectedly, the elevator may suddenly start and cause unbalance. Then choose a corner not near the door, knees bent, body in a semi-squat position, try to maintain balance, when there are children to hold the child in their arms.

2、Don't play in the elevator
    In the case of elevator failure, parents only need to press the emergency button to wait for rescue. Never open the door of the car by hand. This is more dangerous. If the elevator is in the crack of two floors at this time, it is more dangerous to drop the crack carelessly. Don't let the child slap the closed car door when riding with the child. If the door suddenly opens, the child's hand is likely to be clipped into the crack along with the open door. When sitting on the escalator, children should be careful not to let them jump. They should stand on the right side of the escalator. They can grasp the handrail with one hand to prevent accidental falls such as being pushed, and they should not let the children play on their own in the elevator.

  If there are handrails in the elevator, please hold the handrails tightly with one hand to prevent injuries caused by unstable center of gravity. At the same time, make self-protection actions: knee bending position, using knee bending to withstand heavy pressure; lift heel, that is, stand on tiptoe, if there are few people in the elevator, it is best to extend the arms to grasp the handrail or adhere to the wall of the elevator; the whole back and head are close to the inner wall of the elevator, in a straight line, using the wall of the elevator as the spine. Protection.

    In addition, parents should also be reminded that when we take the elevator, if we find some abnormal conditions in the elevator. It is also necessary to inform nurses in time for safety checks. When educating our children, our parents should also tell them how to take the elevator safely, and do not let the children do some dangerous actions in the elevator, so as to ensure the safety of their children's lives.



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