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Heavy! LINVOL Elevator and Country Garden have reached a major cooperation!

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/25/2019 3:11:25 PM    Pageviews:

   As a leader of domestic elevator brand, LINVOL Elevator has been growing steadily in the past 17 years, and has become a well-known enterprise in the industry by virtue of its high-quality products, support and efforts in elevator research and development, which has won public praise and recognition. LINVOL Elevator's cargo elevators adopt permanent magnet synchronous gearless tractor, which is advanced, reliable, low noise, and can effectively realize energy saving and environmental protection. It also upholds the service concept of "know service, know you better", and provides customers with the best solution based on the requirements of enterprise differentiation.
    Recently, LINVOL Elevator has won the trust and recognition of Guangdong Bozhilin Robot Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Biguiyuan, by competing with each other and standing out among many brands, relying on the advantages of rigorous production, advanced products, smooth operation, safe performance and perfect service.
    The establishment of Guangdong Bozhilin Robot Company has been called the first step for Biguiyuan to enter the robot industry. As a real estate enterprise covered by the whole industrial chain, Biguiyuan has strict requirements on the quality of its suppliers'products. In order to investigate the performance and quality of products, Bozhilin Robot Industry Investment Co., Ltd. in Shunde District of Foshan City has carried out a comprehensive investigation and investigation on LINVOL Elevator. With a large number of data, it has proved the superior performance of LINVOL products, excellent product quality and in-place service, and eventually become its supplier.

  LINVOL Elevator will be deeply involved in the construction of Guangdong Bozhilin Robot Co., Ltd. to provide a series of installation and maintenance of freight elevator products using permanent magnet synchronization technology and intelligent services and experience brought by Internet of Things technology. This recognition from Party A and the honor of becoming a partner of Bozhilin are not achieved overnight.

About bozhilin robot

    Guangdong Bozhilin Robot Company is committed to the research and development and production of building robots. The project of Bozhilin Robot Pioneer Park is planned to invest 80 billion yuan. It is expected to build a creative and innovative city in all fields of robots, a livable city integrating research, production, life, culture and education. A future smart city that integrates high and new technology of robots and modern civilization, with the main direction of robot body and its core parts and related core technology of robots, lays out the upstream and downstream of industrial chain in an all-round way, involving architecture, decoration, robot restaurant, smart home, modern agriculture, medical treatment, intelligent manufacturing and warehouse. Application fields such as storage and logistics.

    Founded in July 2018, Bozhilin Robot Co., Ltd. is a technology-based company with the research and production of robot ontology and core technology as its business content. Relying on the world's top 500 Billy Garden Group, it will make a face by selecting Shunde, Guangdong Province, which is located in the core hinterland of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, through its own funds, team advantages and integrated research capabilities. Robot Valley with an area of 10 square kilometers. Robot Valley will introduce tens of thousands of robotic experts and researchers to form a research and development team leading the world's advanced robotic technology, which will provide important support and technical reserves for promoting the sustainable development of the new generation of intelligent robots.

    It is reported that after the completion of the Robot Valley project, it will realize the whole industry chain service platform from the training of robotic talents, the research and development of robotic core technology and ontology to the production and manufacture of core components and robotic ontology, the integration of various scenarios and the practical application, providing all-round support for the robotic industry.
    In the future, BIGUIYUAN Robot Company will take Robot Valley as the center, lay out the global intelligent innovation base, radiate Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and the United States, Japan and Germany.

Win win hand in hand

    In the future, LINVOL Elevator will work hand in hand with Guangdong Bozhilin Robot Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Biguiyuan. The two sides will take this opportunity to integrate their resources and accelerate the construction of Robot Valley Project, which is a qualitative leap and the result of the continuous development of intelligence. The strategic cooperation between Biguiyuan and LINVOL Elevator will contribute to industry 4.0 and ChinaZhijiao and create value for the society.
    Intelligent development has become an inevitable trend of the times. In the future, LINVOL Elevator will rely on more resources to create a safe and comfortable high-quality life for mankind, promote the diversified development of enterprises, realize a new pattern of digitalization and intellectualization, and continue to penetrate the market with the service concept of "understand service, understand you better", and become famous all over the world. The national brand of the circle.



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