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[Brand Elevator] Eagle plans to grow up with King Ling!

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/25/2019 2:36:38 PM    Pageviews:

    In order to further promote the implementation of the "Eagle Plan" of the company's strategic personnel training plan and build an active and efficient communication platform to promote the rapid growth of newly recruited college students, LINVOL Company recently organized an exchange meeting between the general enrollment of college students and the company's leadership in 2019. Assistant Chairman Zou Yiran and Zhang Junfeng of the company Vice General Manager, Director Zhou Guoqiang of R&D Center, Manager Gao Weina of Human Resources Department and new employee mentor attended the meeting.

    At the beginning of the symposium, the company leaders warmly welcomed the new members to join the LINVOL family, and then each new employee made a unique self-introduction to the leaders and mentors present.

    Subsequently, the company leaders had a cordial and meticulous exchange with the new people. Mr. Zhang reminded the newcomers that they should quickly change their identity from "students" to "staff in the workplace", make a good career plan ahead of time, and make clear the direction of their future efforts; Zou summarized his work and life experience and shared it with the newcomers enthusiastically, encouraging them to keep a learning attitude, study hard, and at the same time. In professional and repetitive work, we should maintain childlike innocence, show the vitality and vitality of the new generation and encourage everyone to innovate boldly. Zhou Gong proposed that every new employee should strive to be a progressive youth, self-discipline and self-improvement in his post, learn professional knowledge and skills well, and realize the transition from "green talent" to "craftsman-specialist-generalist-generalist". Change and growth; senior managers introduced the company's development platform and the corresponding government support policies to new people, and encouraged them to be patient in their work. Newly-recruited college students have expressed that "listening to the words of the emperor is better than reading for ten years", which has benefited a lot, but also has a clearer and clearer direction for their future development.

    Fireworks are handed down from one generation to another. In order to speed up the pace of professional growth of young employees and give full play to the role of "transmission, help and lead" of key employees, the company began to implement the tutorial system in 2017, and the tutor-apprentice ceremony was also held at this exchange. The apprentice guides worship their teachers and offer tea. The instructors also encourage the apprentices according to their work experience.

    Since 2018, the company has implemented the Strategic Talents Training Plan. As an important part of it, the Eagle Plan aims to gradually grow into the technical backbone and business backbone of the Department through the cultivation of newly recruited college students who are willing to learn and aggressive. This exchange, on the one hand, strengthens the new college students'awareness of the company and sense of belonging, on the other hand, it also reflects the company leadership's great attention to the new forces and enterprise personnel training. I hope that the new people will quickly integrate into the next work, devote themselves to the work with full enthusiasm, and grow together with LINVOL



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