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[Foshan Daily] Forty-three representatives of Foshan Brand Enterprises walked into Lingwang Elevator

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/25/2019 2:25:33 PM    Pageviews:

    "Take the super high-speed elevator, in the blink of an eye to the 26th floor, it is really fast and stable." "My family's Eagle tile, used for more than ten years, the quality is still very good"... Recently, the third phase of the 7th "Brand Foshan" series of activities, "Exploring Foshan Brand Enterprises" industrial tour was held. 43 representatives of the public entered LINVOL Elevator Co., Ltd. to go deep into the production line and enterprise exhibition hall to understand the development process and production process of enterprises, and to experience the high-quality manufacturing of brand enterprises.

   "Exploring Foshan Brand Enterprise" Industrial Tour Phase 3 enters LINVOL Elevator Workshop. The robot is bending the elevator door.

Aim to build a world-renowned National Brand

    At about 10 o'clock yesterday, a bus carrying a delegation of citizens drove to LINVOL Elevator Company. In the distance, a tall building stood in a series of low factories, which attracted the attention of representatives of the citizens. This building is the test tower of LINVOL Elevator. Walking into the elevator production workshop of LINVOL Elevator Co., Ltd., an automatic production line of elevator door bending has attracted many representatives of the public to take photos with their cameras. The bending process of elevator door is accomplished by robot operation. In a large workshop, more than a dozen workers cooperate with various automation equipment to accomplish production tasks efficiently.
    In order to ensure the quality of elevators, LINVOL Elevator Company has been expanding its production scope in recent years, extending its upstream industrial chain, independently producing elevator parts with core technology, and ensuring the quality of key components. At the same time, enterprises upgrade production equipment in batches to reduce human errors and improve product quality.
    In the LINVOL Elevator Exhibition Hall, representatives of the public visited to understand the development process of the enterprise. Behind the name "LINVOL", there is the original password of the enterprise. In the 1980s and 1990s, foreign elevator brands represented by Mitsubishi, Japan, occupied a larger market share. Therefore, many domestic elevator brands like to use the word "Ling" when naming. "We hope to be the king of LINVOL, so we named it LINVOL and determined to build LINVOL Elevator into a world-famous national brand." Xie Jian, general manager of LINVOL Elevator Company, said that the English name of LINVOL Elevator is "LINVOL", which represents the spirit of enterprise that actively participates in competition and strives for the first place.

 "Exploring Foshan Brand Enterprises" Industrial Tour Phase 3 Walks into LINVOL Elevator Workshop

    "I thought LINVOL Elevator was a joint venture brand. Only when I visited the exhibition hall today did I know that LINVOL Elevator is an absolute local brand." Li Xiaoying, a citizen, said that only by looking at the automation equipment in the production workshop can we feel how advanced the manufacturing level of the enterprise is, as well as the Internet of Things system, elevator self-diagnostic system and so on, so that the citizens have more confidence in elevator safety!



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