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Qian Yongcheng, deputy director of the Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, led a

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/15/2019 10:14:34 AM    Pageviews:

    On the morning of June 29, Qian Yongcheng, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce, led a team to LINVOL to investigate the construction of trademark brands. Pang Jianqiang, deputy director of the Foshan Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce, Lu Weiqi, deputy director of the Nanhai District Market Supervision Administration, and other relevant leaders accompanied the inspection. Wang Elevator executive team warmly received the deputy director Qian Yongcheng and his party.

    Accompanied by the senior management team, Deputy Director Qian Yongcheng visited the exhibition hall, test tower, robot production line, etc., and experienced the 8m/s super high-speed elevator and 4m/s sightseeing elevator in LINVOL, and went deep into the production workshop. In-depth exchange of personnel, understanding of the construction of corporate trademark brand.

    The executive team said in the report that LINVOL Elevator has always paid attention to the brand building of trademarks. Since the company used the trademarks, it has set up a special intellectual property department to manage the standardized use of trademarks, and constantly improve and promote the implementation of the system. Intellectual Property Management Measures and Trademark Management System, the use of trademarks from products, product accessories, product catalogs, packaging, office supplies, corporate VI and CI applications, advertising and identification and application of all image recognition systems, etc. Strictly enforced according to management regulations, standardized use. After many years of system management and use, and the company's performance leap-forward growth, the company's "LINVOL" brand elevator has been sold to the north and south of the country, and is increasingly recognized by people who are pursuing safety, comfort and cost-effective elevators. Become a brand name that is respected in the industry. LINVOL Elevator has established business relationships with well-known enterprises such as Guangzhou Metro, Country Garden, Midea Group, Hutchison Whampoa, Shanghai Shimao Group, Haier Group, Skyworth Group, and Chigo Air Conditioning. It has won “Guangdong Famous Brand Products” and “Guangdong Famous Brands”. ", "Designer's favorite brand" and other honors.

    Later, at the symposium, Deputy Director Qian Yongcheng fully affirmed the achievements of LINVOL Elevator in the construction of trademark brand. At the same time, he put forward three points on the construction of LINVOL's trademark brand: First, hope that LINVOL Elevator relies on equipment. The advantage of the leader of the first-line national brand in the manufacturing industry is to continue to become bigger and stronger, adhere to technological innovation, and continue to put brand building on the prominent position of the enterprise development strategy. Second, the quality of the brand, through the promotion of product quality and development of independent trademarks, enhance Enterprise brand effect, improve brand awareness; Third, segment customer demand, relying on high-speed, security and other product advantages, enhance the company's core competitiveness, and provide strong support for promoting supply-side structural reforms and implementing innovation-driven development strategies.



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