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    The innovation of science and technology carries modern people's imagination of happy life. Under the new situation, it is of great significance to promote the deep integration of customer demand and technological innovation to promote the rapid development of enterprises. LINVOL Elevator upholds the mission of "carrying high-quality life of human safety and comfort", vigorously advocates scientific research and development, constantly explores and practices, and strives to build a world-famous national brand.

    Since 2015, LINVOL Elevator has established a close partnership with LG Group. During the last cooperation period, our company provided 12 tons of heavy lifts to LG Group to help it develop strongly. After time testing, LINVOL Elevator products run steadily, after-sales service is timely, thoughtful and all-round, which has won the full recognition and recognition of customers. So LG Group chose to work with LINVOL Elevator again to provide 11 large tonnage gearless cargo for its first 8.5 generation OLED panel production line in Guangzhou. Elevator, maximum tonnage is 18 tons!

Highlights of Product Sales "How Fast, Good and Steady"

The model is complete, and the energy-saving ladder from 2 tons to 18 tons can meet most of the requirements of industrial transportation.
With the increase of speed, the speed of 18-ton heavy-duty energy-saving cargo elevator can reach 0.5m/s, and that of 4-ton cargo elevator can reach 2 m/s.
Heavy load, large cargo load, to meet the transport needs of heavy cargo.
Energy-saving, permanent magnet technology abandons gear transmission, energy consumption is low, authority certification energy-saving effect is remarkable.
The product technology is mature, LINVOL Elevator attaches great importance to scientific and technological research and development, and strives to promote product and technology maturity, to determine reasonable design, natural and stable quality, to provide users with safe and secure high-performance elevator products; Actual application projects are applied to multinational enterprises LG Group, listed companies Mei Group, Rifeng Pipe Industry, Europa Home. And other well-known enterprises from different industries.


Non-standard function highlights are more intelligent, efficient and convenient

Joint Control Function of Elevator and AGV Unmanned Carriage

▶Elevators are jointly controlled with loading robots and cargo handling robots (AGV), and no one carries cargo.
▶Realize unmanned factory and save manpower cost.
▶Procedure control, more efficient, save management costs.


Anti-collision function of car door

▶The anti-collision prompt sensor is installed near the car door, and the cargo will be alarmed when it encounters the induction signal.
▶Carriage through the good matching of the ladder, to prevent cargo crashing into the car door and failure or damage.
▶Reduce door failure, reduce maintenance rate, increase stability and increase utilization rate.

Induction and automatic (or remote) call ladder function

▶Infrared Induction Freight (Vehicle) Automatic Call Ladder
▶Ground Induction Freight (Vehicle) Automatic Call Elevator
▶Artificial wireless remote control call ladder
▶License plate recognition escalator (designated floor)

Closing Countdown Function

▶When the elevator door is in place, the countdown begins. When the countdown time reaches the countdown seconds, a sound reminder will be issued, which can calmly load the goods and improve efficiency.
▶Clear loading time to prevent pinching or cargo, so as not to hurt people, cargo or doors.

    Since its inception, LINVOL Elevator has grown step by step. With the gradual improvement of brand influence and enterprise strength, we have been trusted by more and more partners, such as: Guiyuan, Mei Mei, Vanke, Haier, Guangzhou Metro, etc. 
    With the release of new products, LINVOL Elevator and more enterprises jointly develop and grow to provide customers with efficient and high-grade transportation services.

LINVOL elevator, never stop
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