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The Seminar on Applied Technology was successfully concluded

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    LINVOL upholds the mission of "carrying high-quality life of human safety and comfort", vigorously advocates scientific research and development, constantly explores and practices, and strives to be a well-known national brand in the world.
    On July 20, 2019, LINVOL Elevator held a technical seminar with the theme of "Elevator High Speed, Heavy Load, Digital Intelligent Application Technology Seminar and LINVOL Elevator's 18-ton Heavy Load Energy-saving Truck Elevator Glorious Listing" in Foshan Poly Intercontinental Hotel. This seminar brings together more than 100 experts and scholars from market supervision department, elevator industry, enterprise leadership team and excellent distributors to explore the development trend of elevator industry, promote the rise of national elevator brand industry, and promote the rapid and healthy development of elevator industry. At the same time, it has witnessed the ability of LINVOL Elevator in high-speed, energy-saving, heavy-duty technology and the listing of 18 tons of heavy-duty and energy-saving truck elevator.

    The seminar was attended by Zhang Lexiang, Secretary-General of China Elevator Association, Luo Zhiqun, Chief Engineer of Guangdong Special Equipment Inspection Institute, Party Member of Foshan Market Supervision Bureau and Liao Guihua, Deputy Director, etc. The seminar also attracted experts from China Economic Weekly, Elevator, Sell Elevator and World Elevator. Elevator, Nanfang Daily, Foshan Daily, Pearl River Times, Nanhai TV and other media friends all over the country.

Opening of the Seminar

At the beginning of the meeting, Liang Yongbiao, chairman of LINVOL Elevator, delivered a speech to express warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to the guests on the spot.

"Today, we are here to hold a grand technical seminar on elevator'high-speed, heavy-duty, digital intelligent application'and a new conference on 18 tons of heavy-duty and energy-saving truck elevator of LINVOL Elevator. We hope that this is not only a simple product exhibition, but also that the leaders of regulatory departments, industry experts, partners and media friends will give us valuable advice for LINVOL to achieve high-quality development through technological innovation and guide the development of the industry. We also hope that through this conference, Can pass on our company's future development strategy, let more customers understand LINVOL, but also through this activity to understand our partners and customers'needs for our products and services.

 △Address by Liang Yongpei, Chairman of LINVOL Elevator Co., Ltd.

Speech by Leaders of Market Regulatory Departments

    Liao Guihua, a member of the Party and deputy director of Foshan Market Supervision and Administration, said, "There are many elevator manufacturers in Foshan, which occupy an important position in the National Elevator market. This seminar was held in Foshan and hosted by LINVOL Elevator, which reflects the love and trust of China Elevator Association for Foshan and also provides a rare opportunity for Foshan Elevator Enterprises to learn and improve their core competitiveness. It is also conducive to Foshan Elevator Enterprises to build and improve their core competitiveness. We will move faster towards the whole country and accelerate the formation of Foshan Elevator Industry Cluster.

△Speech by Liao Guihua, Party Member and Deputy Director of Foshan Market Supervision and Administration

Speeches by Industry Experts

    Zhang Lexiang, Secretary-General of China Elevator Association, delivered a special speech on "Creating a New Era of China's Elevator Industry with Technology and Innovation as the Leading Force". He comprehensively analyzed the current pattern of the elevator industry by comprehensively interpreting the fields of technology research and development, policy direction and market application, with emphasis on analysis. At present, the most advanced research and development pattern and technology trend in the field of digital application technology have pointed out the direction of future research and development for enterprises, and provided operational guidance suggestions.
    Secretary-General Zhang Lexiang said, "Elevator enterprises should create digital intelligent elevator products through new technologies such as Internet of Things to meet various emerging application scenarios. For example, in smart factories, with the operation of AGV unmanned trolley, elevators need to have advanced intelligent dispatching functions. In addition, through the application of digital and intelligent technology, the elevator can "perceive" the carrying objects and provide personalized scene services.
△Special Speech by Zhang Lexiang, Secretary-General of China Elevator Association

18-ton heavy-duty energy-saving ladder gloriously on the market

    After years of accumulation and precipitation, LINVOL Elevator has created industry legends from scratch, from small to large, and has made brilliant achievements one after another. Today, we are witnessing the official glorious launch of LINVOL Elevator with 18 tons of heavy-duty and energy-saving truck elevator.

LINVOL Technology Research and Development Technology Application Sharing

    With the theme of "18-ton heavy-duty energy-saving truck elevator and clean elevator", this technology application and sharing focuses on the R&D achievements and future R&D planning of LINVOL elevator, and focuses on the R&D needs and corresponding feasible plans of LINVOL elevator. As the leader of elevator industry, LINVOL, chief engineer, director of R&D center Zhou Guoqiang and engineer Ma Guopeng shared the current R&D situation of R&D center, application design case of elevator, elevator speed and load, safety control and other aspects, and won unanimous praise from the participants.

△Zhou Guoqiang, Chief Engineer and Director of R&D Center of LINVOL Elevator

△LINVOL Elevator Engineer Ma Guopeng

Application Sharing of Energy-saving and Environmental Protection Cargo Elevator

    Ms. Song Chaoyi of Guangzhou Huotong Elevator, an outstanding distributor, shares with you the story of creating a business legend together with LINVOL Elevator. Over the past few years, more than 500 cargo elevators have been sold. The reasons for selecting LINVOL Elevator are listed one by one. How to improve brand competitiveness on the basis of LINVOL's existing help and support are discussed. This paper gives a brief overview, and puts forward valuable suggestions on the future development direction of LINVOL Elevator. The site is full of dry goods and gives effective market development suggestions to other partners.

△Ms. Song Chaoyi of Huotong Elevator

LINVOL Goods Elevator Strong Market by Strength

The highlights of product sales can be summarized as follows:

The model is complete, and the energy-saving ladder from 2 tons to 18 tons can meet most of the requirements of industrial transportation.
With the increase of speed, the speed of 18-ton heavy-duty energy-saving truck elevator can reach 0.5m/s.
Large load, large load, to meet the transport needs of super-large and super-heavy goods.
Energy-saving, permanent magnet technology abandons gear transmission, low energy consumption, authoritative certification of energy-saving more than 25%.
The products are mature in technology and have many practical applications. They are applied to multinational LG Group, listed company Liyuanheng of Guangdong, listed company Rifeng Management, listed company Europa Home and other well-known enterprises from different industries. LINVOL Elevator attaches great importance to scientific and technological research and development, and strives to promote product and technology maturity, to determine reasonable design, natural and stable quality, to provide users with safe and secure high-performance elevator products.

△Xue Weiguang, Deputy General Manager of LINVOL Elevator

    The collision of wisdom is the core content and original intention of this seminar. This seminar is closely related to the theme of the conference, presenting an audio-visual feast with "technology + products + scenarios" as the core, releasing LINVOL's new 18-ton heavy-duty energy-saving truck elevator, sharing digital application cases, and providing more valuable digital reference paths for the participants.
    LINVOL Elevator will never forget its original intention, keep its mission in mind, continue to uphold the spirit of scientific research and innovation, devote itself to creating safe and intelligent elevator products, providing users with satisfactory and high-quality services, further practicing the service concept of "knowing service, knowing you" and striving to build a world-famous national brand!
    ▷Background: In 2016, the "Elevator Internet of Things System" built by LINVOL Elevator was put into operation, which can realize real-time monitoring, active alarm, multiple alarm, fault location, maintenance supervision, rapid rescue and other functions. LINVOL has a number of patent technology of freight ladder, and is the first in the industry to achieve 2-18 tons of freight ladder faster, larger load, more energy-saving, environmental protection, more safe and intelligent performance.



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