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Glamour Time 2009 LINVOL Elevator Distributor Sabah Tour

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    LINVOL Elevator Elite Club was established in 2016, aiming to gather the elites from all over the country and build a platform for sharing resources and common development.
    In 2018, when the industry was suffering from cruel market competition, LINVOL Elevator handed in a brilliant report card. This transcript is inseparable from the efforts of members of our elite club! In 2019, we gathered in Sabah, in the beautiful foreign scenery, to feel the empty and invisible nature of Sanskrit singing, filling your whole soul!Say goodbye to the past in this way, do not pursue the past, the future can be expected, and move forward!
    In the eastern part of Malaysia, there is an island. It is known as Sabah, a place like the Garden of Eden.

A variety of scenery
Waves on Mermaid Island
Sunset on Danyongya Road
The Mystery of Blue Tears Beach
Travel freeze

Love witness

  This is a pleasant journey, but also a journey to meet love.
Amazing, surprising, touching... A sentence of "I'd like to" set off the climax of the whole marriage proposal ceremony. In the cheers of the LINVOL family, they made a lifelong commitment. Here, LINVOL Elevator wishes the two newcomers a lifetime hand in hand and a lifetime of old age!

Highlights of the journey
  Compared with the beautiful scenery in the journey, what is more touching is the friendship between the LINVOL family. During the journey, we laughed and laughed all the way, caring for each other and taking care of each other. Through this journey, we have deepened our understanding, made our distance closer, and made an appointment for the next trip.

Looking forward to the future
New starting point
New journey
LINVOL Elevator with you
Go hand in hand & win-win future



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