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Fire is coming! LINVOL Elevator Group gathers in the fierce battle of Lion Mountain

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/25/2019 10:33:37 AM    Pageviews:

    In May, 2019, the 100-enterprise basketball match in Shishan Town, Nanhai District opened. Unified organization of enterprise employees to take off their professional clothes and change into sportswear, cooperate with their most tacit team, feel the passion and blood of basketball on the court together, fully demonstrating the health and vitality of the enterprise!
    As a team event, "100 Enterprises Cup" basketball match is full of energy, testing every player's physical strength and the team's ability to cooperate. And each team's participants in the competition like a tiger down the hill, unstoppable, handsome and brave, all show the dunk master "Liuchuan Feng" style!
Come on!Walk on the court and feel the exciting atmosphere!

LINVOL Unbounded VS South China Sea Gas

LINVOL boundless VS Oriental Seiko

LINVOL Wujie VS Lily Medical Treatment

LINVOL Wujie VS Lion City Middle School

  This basketball match has been highly valued and strongly supported by the company leaders and participating units. On the field, the players fully demonstrated the healthy physique and positive spiritual outlook of LINVOL. They strengthened contacts and promoted cooperation within LINVOL elevator, jointly created a team full of passion, unity and cooperation, brave and good at fighting, and promoted LINVOL's rapid development like "Tigers".



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