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The entrepreneurial team of the merchants club visited the LINVOL

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/15/2019 9:24:45 AM    Pageviews:

     On the morning of June 24th, the entrepreneurs and leaders of the Merchants Club visited the LINVOL Company to visit and exchange. Xie Jian, the general manager of LINVOL Company, warmly received them. Through on-the-spot investigation, the guests have a deeper understanding of our development profile, core technology, honor qualifications, product types, etc. This has laid a solid foundation for further mutual resource sharing, project cooperation, emotional exchange and information exchange.

    Entering the intelligent production workshop, the guests agreed on the intelligent and mechanized production mode of LINVOL. They encouraged LINVOL to strengthen the R&D investment in intelligent production and return production with technology. At the LINVOL Test Tower, the guests experienced the 8m/s ultra-high-speed elevator and the 4m/s sightseeing elevator. The evaluation said: “The elevator runs at a high speed and provides a comfortable experience.”

    Then, under the guidance of the staff's enthusiasm, the merchants' club and the team came to the LINVOL exhibition hall. Everyone was shocked by the firm belief and strong social responsibility of LINVOL. At the same time, the guests were pleasantly surprised to find that Ling Wang has established friendly cooperative relations with many outstanding heavyweight companies, such as: Midland Real Estate, Vanke Group, Country Garden, Agile, Yuanbang Real Estate, Haier Group, Skyworth Group, Europe Group, Baiyun Electric, etc., even the Guangzhou Metro that we take every day also has the figure of LINVOL Elevator.

    At the forum, everyone watched the promotional video of LINVOL Enterprise. The director of the Merchants Club said: "In recent years, the development of national brands has been rapid. These enterprises have gradually improved their core competitiveness and mastered the ability of independent innovation through their efforts. They will continue to support the development of national brand enterprises and hope to have the opportunity to become friendly partners in the future!"



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