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Deng Yugui, director of the CPPCC Social Law Committee, led the team to visit LINVOL to investigate

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/15/2019 8:45:49 AM    Pageviews:

    On the morning of June 19, Deng Yugui, member of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference and director of the Social and Legal Committee, led a special investigation group of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference to visit Ling Wang to investigate the independent innovation work of the enterprise. The Standing Committee of the CPPCC, the deputy director of the Social and Legal Committee, and the Vice Chairman of the Provincial Women's Federation Liu Lanni (female) And some provincial leaders of the CPPCC, the Provincial Science and Technology Department and other relevant leaders participated in the survey. Vice Chairman of the Foshan Municipal CPPCC Wan Zhikang, Director of the Foshan High-tech Zone Management Committee, Deputy Secretary of the Nanhai District Committee Liu Taogen, and the relevant person in charge of the CPPCC Social and Legal Committee accompanied the research team. The chairman of the company, Liang Yongbiao, led the team to receive warm reception. The research team and the team.

    Accompanied by Liang Dong, the provincial CPPCC special investigation team visited the exhibition hall, test tower, quality experiment center, etc., and personally took the experience of LINVOL 8m/s super high-speed elevator, 4m/s sightseeing elevator, and went deep into the production workshop. Management team, technology research and development personnel and other exchanges to understand the implementation of independent innovation and the implementation of various support policies.

    Liang Dong said in the report that LINVOL Company has always attached great importance to independent innovation and product technology improvement. In recent years, it has been recognized as “National Torch Program Key High-tech Enterprise”, “High-tech Enterprise” and “Guangdong Province Provincial Enterprise Technology Center”. "Guangdong Province Large Load and High-speed Elevator Engineering Technology Research Center", "Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory", "Guangdong Province Innovative Enterprise", "Guangdong Province Independent Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", etc., the company invests heavily in supporting technology every year. Innovative and upgraded, and actively participated in the revision and revision of 23 national standards. Among them, 11 items such as “Elevator Energy Feedback Device”, “Technical Conditions for Evacuation of Main Components of Elevator” and “Safety Requirements for Elevator Part 4: Evaluation Requirements” have been released. At present, LINVOL has become a supplier of military materials procurement mobilization, and has established partnerships with well-known enterprises such as Guangzhou Metro, Country Garden, Midea Group, Hutchison Whampoa, Shanghai Shimao Group, Haier Group, etc., and also obtained the China Construction Machinery Industry Association. The “National Customer Satisfaction Product” and “Customer Satisfaction Service Unit” issued by the User Work Committee and the National Construction Machinery Equipment User Committee are honored.

    Director Deng Yugui fully affirmed the achievements made by LINVOL Elevator in adhering to independent innovation and technological upgrading for many years, emphasizing that enterprises as the mainstay of innovation should first try, explore experience, demonstrate and actively implement the independent innovation and high-tech industry development. National innovation drives development strategies and accelerates the development of strategic emerging industries. Lian Li Ling Wang: As the leader of the national elevator brand, we must strengthen our confidence in the face of challenges, adhere to the road of independent innovation, use the product and service innovation to open up the market, and use technology to conquer more and more users.

    In addition, Deputy Director Liu Lanni and some provincial CPPCC members and relevant leaders of the Provincial Science and Technology Department also had in-depth exchanges with the company's senior management team on issues such as corporate R&D investment, deductions, high taxation, R&D subsidies, and high-level cultivation.



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