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Deputy Director Fan Bin of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology led the team to

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/10/2019 5:51:39 PM    Pageviews:

    On the morning of June 8, Fan Bin, deputy director of the Policy and Regulation Department of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, led a team to the LINVOL Elevator to investigate the "China Manufacturing 2025 Policy System Research Project", Liu Zhigang, director of the Provincial Economic and Information Committee, and Zhao Taifeng, deputy director of the Municipal Economic and Information Bureau. The responsible persons of relevant departments of the district and town accompanied the investigation. Liang Yongbiao, chairman of LINVOL Elevator, warmly received the research team.

    During the visit, the research team visited the LINVOL exhibition hall, the LINVOL test tower and the intelligent production workshop, and listened to Liang Dong’s in-depth report on the company’s manufacturing, development history and product sales, and learned more about the company’s production and operation. company culture.

    Deputy Director Fan Bin gave high praise to Ling Wang's on-site management, corporate culture construction, and staff's spiritual outlook. He encouraged Ling Wang to firmly develop confidence, broaden horizons, improve product quality and market competitiveness, and further develop the company. Be prepared adequately, and in the future development, we must continue to play a leading role and drive more companies to become bigger and stronger.

    After the visit, the research team affirmed the work of LINVOL in all aspects and put forward the feasibility suggestions and suggestions for development. We are encouraged. LINVOL Elevator will insist on taking the road of innovation-driven development centered on “scientific and technological innovation”, seize the opportunity, actively adapt to the new normal, and strive for the company to achieve rapid development.



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