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Jin Liqing Chamber of Commerce visits LINVOL Elevator

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/10/2019 5:51:39 PM    Pageviews:

    On the afternoon of June 3, LINVOL Elevator welcomed more than 50 guests from Jinliqing Chamber of Commerce. Through in-depth exchanges and field visits, the two sides have increased mutual understanding, promoted friendship and seek common development.

    Through the enthusiastic accompanying reception of our senior managers, Jinliqing Chamber of Commerce and its delegation went deep into LINVOL exhibition hall, test tower and intelligent production workshop to conduct field visits. At the same time, they listened to the detailed introduction of LINVOL's company profile, development process, honor qualification, product series, car decoration and so on by the relevant person in charge of the company. 。 The guests of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry said that through LINVOL's corporate culture, they felt a strong Chinese national sentiment, which is the great charm of the national brand. At the same time, LINVOL's market-oriented, customer-centered and continuously optimized service system makes them feel LINVOL's business responsibilities and responsibilities.

    During the visit, the Youth Chamber of Commerce and the delegation highly praised LINVOL Elevator's beautiful factory environment, scientific and standardized management, as well as its employees'positive and enthusiastic working attitude and conscientious and responsible spirit. They believed that LINVOL exhibited many places worthy of discussion and study, and hoped that LINVOL Elevator would continue to be a member of LINVOL Elevator Association. Maintain a strong and tenacious momentum of development and contribute to social and economic development.

    The visit and exchange activities have been successfully concluded. I sincerely thank Jin Liqing Chamber of Commerce for its affirmation and support. Through this visit and exchange activities, LINVOL Elevator and Jin Liqing Chamber of Commerce have established a deeper friendship. I hope that in the future development, there will be opportunities for win-win cooperation and go forward hand in hand.



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