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Gu Yaohui, deputy secretary and district director of Nanhai District Committee, went to LINVOL for i

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/10/2019 5:51:39 PM    Pageviews:

On the morning of May 6, Gu Yaohui, Deputy Secretary of the Nanhai District Committee and district president, and his delegation visited LINVOL for investigation. Liang Yongbiao, chairman of LINVOL Elevator, warmly received them.

Chairman Liang Yongbiao introduced in detail the development process of LINVOL Elevator along the way to Gu Yaohui and his delegation. At the same time, he introduced the elevator technology research and development, the dissemination of corporate culture and the formation of talent team. Gu said that it was not easy for an enterprise to achieve such a large scale. It was even more difficult for an enterprise to stand out in such a competitive market environment. He encouraged enterprises to continue to move towards higher goals.

In the LINVOL Exhibition Hall, Chairman Liang Yongbiao introduced the elevator Internet of Things system in detail to Gu Yaohui's delegation and gave a demonstration on the spot. Through on-site simulation and application of the Internet of Things system, the powerful function of the Internet of Things for real-time monitoring of elevator operation is demonstrated. Gu District Director nodded his head in praise of the application and gave a high evaluation.

In the intelligent production workshop, Gu District Chief walked into the well-ordered production line, can not help sighing: Lingwang takes the intelligent production line, not only can reduce the input of human resources, but also intelligent machinery produced products, its accuracy is also guaranteed. In the LINVOL test tower, Gu Yaohui's delegation also experienced 8m/s super-high-speed elevator and 4m/s sightseeing elevator.

After this investigation, Mr. Gu highly appraised the planning, construction and development strategy of LINVOL Elevator. He pointed out that intelligent construction is the trend and trend of enterprise development. He encouraged Lingwang Elevator to continue to increase investment in scientific research, strive to improve its ability of independent innovation, become bigger and stronger, and lead the elevator industry of Foshan and even the whole country. Transition and upgrading.



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