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The Security Model Of Enegry Pioneer
  • Through a variable frequency drive(optional) technology,
    So that the escalator becomes energy-saving model;

    Through the staircase entrance photo-electric sensor for real-time monitoring of the
    flow of people to realize the automatic operation,

    Achieve the purpose of energy saving.

  • Advanced micro-computer control system and driving device,

    The high quality driving chain,application of automatic lubricating system,

    The escalator has longer life and lower energy consumption,to ensure the safe operation of the escalator,reliable and stable.


  • The brake open safety device

    When escalator is running,the brake is not open,the escalator stops running and alert;
    When the escalator is not running, the brake is opened, sounder the alarm.
  • Safety device of comb

    When a foreign object is sandwiched between the comb and step,escalator
    will stop running.
  • Skirt guard safety device

    Located in skirt deflector on both sides,prevent passengers clothing is
    divided into the skirt and step side clearance, to protect the safety of
  • Flywheel cover to open the safety device

    If the flywheel cover is not closed but open,the escalator stops running
  • Overspeed governor or unintenional reversal of the direction of travel

    Motherboard according to the signal of inspection parts to determine the escalator running speed is normal or reverse,if not normal escalator will stop running.
  • Safety step or pallets sagging guard

    When any part of the step or pallets sagging, the escalator will stop running.
  • Step chain safety device

    Lower landing floor tension bracket assembly safety switch,in case step chain broken or abnormal switch will action and the escalator will stop running.
  • Step loss safety device

    Installing sensors in step rotary place,when a step lost the escalator will stop running.
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