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What are the matters needing attention in elevator and escalator decoration design?

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/26/2019 4:35:50 PM    Pageviews:

    Now the elevator decoration is very important not only for practicality, but also for aesthetic problems. Now the higher the floor is, the more important the elevator is. These are to go through a certain design, material and color and so on need a special design. Now let's look at the elevator, escalator decoration design, what are the matters needing attention?

1、Color matching
    Space color should mainly meet the spiritual and functional requirements, in order to make people feel comfortable. In terms of functional requirements, we should first analyze the nature of each space application, such as: residential buildings should aim at comfort and warmth, and give priority to weak contrast colors. In color design of elevator space, we should embody the sense of stability, rhythm and rhythm, seek change in unity and unity in change.

2、Elevator safety management
    Keep car and doorsill pit clean. The entrance pit of elevator should be cleaned regularly. Do not overload the elevator to avoid accidents. Children should not be allowed to take the elevator alone. Instruct passengers not to jump in the car, as this may lead to improper movements of elevator safety pliers and the occurrence of people-related incidents. Do not knock the elevator button with hard objects, causing man-made damage, thereby causing failure. Smoking is prohibited in the car. Watch out for strangers entering and leaving the elevator. If conditions permit, a closed-circuit television surveillance system for sedan cars can be installed to prevent elevator crimes. Do not refit the elevator privately. If necessary, please contact the professional elevator company. In addition to the specially designed cargo elevator, do not use motor forklifts to lift or unload cargo in the elevator.

3、Texture of material
    Metal material is mainly stainless steel plate, often used in elevator car walls, car doors. According to different grades, it can be divided into hairline plate, mirror panel, mirror etching plate, titanium plate and gold plated plate. Wood material is mainly used in the wall, floor or ceiling of elevator car. There are many kinds of wood materials in elevator decoration, including beech, beech, broomcorn and other wood, which need to be treated by fire protection to meet the fire acceptance standards. When we decorate the elevator, we first need to consider the lighting conditions inside the elevator. In order to make it more convenient for passengers to get up and down the elevator, we need to consider not only the decorative performance of the elevator lighting equipment, but also its practical performance. It is better to choose those light with softer light.

    Above is for you to introduce the elevator in the decoration design of some points for attention, then the matters to be noted are very many. So we must pay attention to some color matching and some safety problems in decoration, so the elevator material is also very important, if the matching effect is good, you can feel very happy. Elevator decoration is also in line with everyone's aesthetic ability.



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