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What should we pay attention to in elevator maintenance knowledge?

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/26/2019 4:32:37 PM    Pageviews:

    The words of elevator are very common in our life. Elevators need to be maintained constantly. As we all know, many people will neglect some matters needing attention in the maintenance of elevator engine room. Elevator room is where maintenance personnel often stay, so we should pay more attention to the environment of the room. Next, I will introduce to you the elevator maintenance knowledge of the computer room environment maintenance what needs to pay attention to?

    1、Staff Only
    The machine room should be managed by maintenance and repair personnel, other non-professional personnel should not enter at will, the machine room should be locked, and marked with the words "the machine room is heavy, the idle people are not allowed to enter". The machine room must ensure that there is no possibility of rain and snow intrusion, that it is well ventilated and kept warm, that it should be clean, dry, dust-free and corrosive gas except humidity, and that there should be no other articles except the tools and equipment necessary for inspection and maintenance. Cleaning and lubrication of elevator car boots. Everyone knows that the guide boots are running on the guide rails, and there are oil cups on the guide boots. In order to make the elevator run without friction, it is necessary to regularly refuel the oil cups and clean the guide boots, and to clean the car's hygiene. Maintenance of elevator hall door and sedan door. Elevator failures generally occur in elevator hall doors and sedan-chair doors, so attention should be paid to the maintenance of the hall doors and sedan-chair doors.

    2、Fire extinguishers must have
    Fire extinguishers capable of extinguishing electrical fire should be installed in the engine room. When the elevator is not used for a long time, the main power switch in the engine room should be disconnected. Except for the specified elevator equipment, sundries shall not be stored or piped gas pipelines shall be laid in the well. The well shall be kept clean and tidy, and there shall be no tower dust or dust. After repair, the elevator should be checked several times before it is put into operation. If the replacement of important parts is carried out, the test run should be carried out many times. Make sure that there are no errors before putting into operation, and make relevant records.

    3、Matters needing attention in maintenance
    Apart from the elevator car parking in B2, B1, floor and other upper floors, the daily maintenance and repair of elevator (changing lights, repairing buttons in the car, etc.) must be carried out at the bottom (B3, B4 floors) before relevant operations are carried out. When the elevator has been maintained, the elevator should be tested several times to confirm that there is no abnormality before it is put into operation. If the elevator shutdown operation is needed in the maintenance work of the engine room, the corresponding power switch should be carefully confirmed and then the switch should be pulled to avoid the emergency shutdown of the elevator caused by misoperation. For the repair of elevator failure, the repairman should carefully check the elevator failure. Avoid the occurrence of real problems that do not solve the elevator failure again or the expansion of the situation.
    Elevators need constant maintenance, so sometimes not only elevators need to be maintained, but also elevator rooms need to be maintained frequently. Elevator environment is also very important. The environment of the machine room will affect some storage problems of elevators. So we have to check carefully and strictly in every work, and we have to change in advance. Only in this way can the quality of the elevator be guaranteed.



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