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Foot of the road, non-stop walk, we are all LINVOL dream chaser!

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/24/2019 5:18:36 PM    Pageviews:

On March 30, LINVOL Elevator took part in the first 50 km hike in Foshan. In this beautiful time of Bauhinia blossom, it started the walk-on-walk journey!
We are moving forward all the way
We are all dreamers of LINVOL
Start with "equipment"
The ugly man is still asleep

The handsome men are already hiking

★Team Aggregation★
South China Sea Line

Chancheng line

Shunde line

The guard walks with you side by side!
In the wind and rain, I am waiting for you in Century Lotus
Tired to blur, still persevere
 Step by step, LINVOL measured Foshan's land with his feet
 One by one punch-in point
It's a medal. It's the spirit of LINVOL who never stops.
It's our attitude to start and finish.
Life has no end
The road beneath your feet, not stopping
We are all dreamers of LINVOL. See you next year.



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