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Li Zhengyang, Vice Chairman of the Yunnan CPPCC, led the Yunnan CPPCC Investigation Group to visit o

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/24/2019 3:51:06 PM    Pageviews:

    On the afternoon of May 6, Li Zhengyang, Vice-Chairman of the Yunnan CPPCC, led the Yunnan CPPCC Investigation Group to visit LINVOL Elevator. Wan Zhikang, Vice-Chairman of the Foshan Municipal Consultative Conference, Zhang Jianhui, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Foshan Municipal Consultative Conference and Director of the Social Law Committee, Fan Baojun, Vice-Chairman of the Social Law Committee of the Foshan Municipal Consultative Conference, was accompanied by the investigation and research. Lia The company warmly welcomed the visiting team of Yunnan CPPCC to LINVOL, and accompanied the team to visit the exhibition hall and the super high-speed elevator test center.

    Chairman Liang Yongbiao accompanied the delegation to LINVOL Exhibition Hall, and briefly introduced the development process, corporate culture and future development direction of the enterprise to the delegation. Then, Liang Dong guided the delegation to watch the company's Internet of Things exhibition platform. During the period, Liang Dong not only introduced the advantages of enterprise Internet of Things elevators to the delegation, but also demonstrated the simulation operation of the elevator Internet of Things system to the delegation. After watching the demonstration of the elevator Internet of Things system, the delegation praised LINVOL Elevator for making full use of the products of the big data era, bringing new development opportunities and innovations to enterprises. At the same time, the delegation also encouraged LINVOL Elevator to further enhance its own competitiveness and innovation ability if it can base itself on the present, look ahead to the future and bring forth new ideas. In addition, the delegation put forward many suggestions and opinions on how to develop LINVOL Elevator better.

    Subsequently, the delegation visited an elevator test tower with a speed of up to 125 meters and up to 8.0 m/s. Liang Dong said, "In the future, the company will take higher, faster and safer elevator technology, product technology innovation as the research direction." The delegation cheered for LINVOL Dian Zan one after another, and hoped that the company would work steadily, improve product quality, improve product service quality, create more comfortable and safe elevators for human beings, and look forward to LINVOL's brilliance in the domestic and international markets.



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