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The "Third Party Platform" Model of Adding Elevators to Old Buildings in Guangzhou

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/16/2019 5:13:52 PM    Pageviews:

      Reporters Liu Yun, Zhao Yanhua and correspondent Sui Guoru Xuan reported that on May 26, the leading office of the elevator installation group, the Bureau of Land Resources and Planning, the Party and Labor Committee and the office of Tianhe District of Guangzhou City jointly launched a special one-stop service for the elevator installation in the old buildings to the door of the home. 。 Activities revealed: Six Yun District, Yulei District and other old districts in Henan Province as a pilot group to promote the installation of elevators in succession. This is also the first pilot area of adding elevators to old buildings in Guangzhou.
Why is Tianhe the first pilot project?
      Reporters learned that Tianhenan Street is in the forefront of the work of adding elevators to old buildings in Guangzhou. It is also the preferred pilot of this work. Why did Tianhenan choose to be the pilot of adding elevators to old buildings in Guangzhou?
      Tianhe District Land and Resources Planning Bureau related personnel told reporters that according to investigation, there are 55 old residential areas in Tianhe Street, and about 360 old buildings can be installed with elevators. Up to now, 40 elevators have been installed and put into use, 16 are under construction, and 21 elevator projects have received the "Construction Project Planning Permit".
      Because of the good physical space and installation conditions, the space between the building and the building is relatively spacious, and the elevator location is basically available, which meets the requirement of 2.5 x 2.5 for the elevator installation. Regarding this, the Regional Bureau of Land and Resources and Planning said that the pilot project will make a unified plan for the installation of old buildings with elevators, and draw a "planning line" for the main building where the old buildings are located. On the one hand, it will maintain the landscape environment after the installation of old buildings in succession, on the other hand, it will speed up the process of residents'coordination, and it will not need to search for design or methods without "flying horses and horses". To ensure that the urban quality improvement projects accumulated over the years can be continued.
      "With such pilot specifications, residents no longer need to repeatedly seek advice on whether to build in the South or the north, or do not have to think hard about whether the corridor is longer or shorter, which in fact provides a convenient condition for accelerating the loading speed." The person in charge said.

Guangzhou Tianhen Street Old Building Successfully Installed Elevator Reporter Song Jinyu
The "Third Party Platform" Model is about to emerge
      Reporters at the event site saw that this special theme activity of adding elevators to old buildings "one-stop service to the door of the home" introduced community planners, as well as representatives of local residents'committees, both of which set up a consultation platform; while the domestic well-known elevator enterprises introduced provided the whole process of adding services. The CPPCC members went to the scene to understand the social conditions and public opinion, and to understand and supervise the work of the government. Such an active personnel composition explores a flexible community governance model with government platform, professional service and multi-participation. The "third-party platform" mode of adding elevators to old buildings is coming out.
      It is well known that the difficulty of coordination and handling in the process of installation is the key point of building stairs for old buildings. How to achieve "as soon as possible to complete the residents'consultation work" so that the elderly living in concentrated old buildings in the declaration process to reduce the phenomenon of running errands, Tianhe District theme activities proposed the way to explore.
      Reporters observed that the so-called "third-party platform" model is based on the elevator installation management department as the main body, integrating the relevant social forces with the elevator installation, to speed up and improve the quality of the process of adding elevators to old buildings. For example, members of the CPPCC, street offices, neighborhood committees, and others who can provide coordination services constitute the negotiation platform in the "third-party platform"; community planners, elevator installation enterprises constitute the installation support platform in the "third-party platform", and can provide "running errands" services.
      Reporters learned that, whether in the West Sports District or Xicun Street, grass-roots personnel have been trained as "business experts" to install elevators. Tianhenan Street has also made a more "grounding gas" guide to install elevators, so that people can understand more easily and avoid detours.



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