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Adhering to Responsibility Sharing and Developing the First Elevator Quality and Safety Forum Held

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    In February this year, the General Office of the State Council issued the Opinions on Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators, which systematically and comprehensively deployed the work of elevator quality and safety. This is an important milestone in elevator quality and safety work, which will strongly promote the work of elevator quality and safety to a new level.
    From 23 to 24, the first elevator quality and safety and working environment, health and Safety Forum 2018 was held in Chengdu with the theme of "upholding responsibility, improving safety and sharing development". It is reported that this forum is guided by China Elevator Association and sponsored by Sichuan Special Equipment Safety Management Association. The forum aims to build a platform for sharing and exchanging information on elevator quality and safety, environment, health and safety, promote the industry to establish the concept of quality first and safety development, better play the role of enterprises, society and market, further build a clear power and responsibility, safe and orderly social governance system for elevator safety, and ensure the people to ride. Use safety and travel convenience.
    Elevator is closely related to people's daily life. The quality and safety of elevator is directly related to people's increasing demand for safety, convenience and comfort. As one of the most frequently contacted and used special equipment by the people, elevators are the first step to go out and the last way to go home. According to conservative estimates, by the end of 2017, the total number of elevators in China had exceeded 5.6 million, and 1.5 billion people took elevators every day. Elevators have become an indispensable means of travel for people's daily life, directly related to people's livelihood security, and attracted great attention of the whole society.
    "Our country is a big country in the production and use of elevators. The quantity, output and growth of elevators are the first in the world. In 2017, China's elevator production and new increment are about 810,000 and 69,000 units respectively, accounting for 75% and 65% of the world respectively, and the estimated industrial scale is about 200 billion yuan. Relevant leaders of China Elevator Association said that the forum was held to further implement the Opinions on Strengthening the Quality and Safety of Elevators issued by the General Office of the State Council on the basis of the concept of sustainable development, comprehensively improve the level of elevator quality and safety, and accelerate the modernization of the management system and capacity of elevator quality and safety. To promote the development of high quality and safety in the elevator industry.
    The responsible person of Sichuan Special Equipment Safety Management Association said that under the "double pressure" of the large increase in the total elevator volume and the increase of old elevators year by year, Sichuan continued to maintain the overall stable security situation. He hoped that the elevator enterprises, technical institutions, social organizations and other relevant parties should actively participate in the elevator quality improvement action, further enhance the sense of responsibility and mission, enhance self-consciousness and initiative, turn the elevator quality improvement action into the common behavior of the whole society, constantly improve the quality and safety level of elevator, and let the people. Take the stairs safely and safely to meet the growing needs of the people for a better life.
    Aiming at the installation of elevators in old residential areas, the responsible person of Sichuan Special Equipment Safety Management Association said that the installation of elevators in old residential areas is of great concern to all. At present, the pilot city of Dazhou has installed about 30 elevators. "There are still some problems." The person in charge suggested that we should consider the transformation of old residential areas and the installation of elevators in old residential areas to promote, "perhaps the difficulty will be less."
    In the round-table dialogue session of the forum, many guests around the intelligent era elevator industry safe operation environment and development path to carry out in-depth discussion, for the audience has brought a very valuable frontier thinking and innovative attempt. Many industry experts unanimously call for attention to the safety of elevator construction and the occupational health of construction personnel. The industry will also actively promote the formulation of safety standards for the health of elevator construction environment and form an industry standard system.



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