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The General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection has innovatively put forward a new

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    In recent years, the number of elevators has increased rapidly, and the safety of elevators has been paid more and more attention by the society. "Three-part manufacturing, seven-part maintenance", elevator maintenance is an important link to ensure safe use. But at present, maintenance market is low transparency, low price malicious competition is prominent, some jerry-building, mere formality, maintenance is the weak link of elevator safety. Relative to the rapid growth of 20% of elevators every year, the contradiction of insufficient supervision is becoming more and more prominent, and in the face of maintenance market failure, it is difficult to effectively play a role by administrative supervision alone. Since 2016, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, together with the Insurance Regulatory Commission and the China National Insurance and Property Insurance Corporation, has innovatively put forward a new model of "insurance plus service". While giving full play to the role of insurance relief, it has also used the market restraint and incentive mechanism of insurance to strengthen the social supervision of elevator maintenance by means of market-oriented mechanism and information technology. Solve the problems of maintenance supervision, build a new mechanism of social co-governance, and promote the quality of maintenance. At present, 1051 elevators in Ningbo, Hangzhou, Fuzhou, Fujian and Tianjin have been piloted first. The safety level of elevators has been improved, and the average failure rate has been reduced by 40%. The repair times of elevators have been reduced, and the cost of using elevators has been reduced.

    Give full play to the market restraint and incentive mechanism of insurance and strengthen the social supervision of elevator maintenance

    The first is to introduce insurance institutions to supervise the third party and establish a mechanism for selecting the best maintenance options. Originally, the property company directly chose the maintenance unit. The property company usually chose the maintenance unit at a low price and ignored the quality of maintenance. Under the new model of "insurance + service", insurance companies not only undertake accident liability compensation, but also participate in the selection and supervision of maintenance units. The insurance institutions will choose the large-scale and standardized maintenance units through unified bidding, sign tripartite contracts with property companies and maintenance units, pay maintenance costs according to maintenance quality, change from "price competition" to "quality competition", and promote the standardization of elevator maintenance market.

    The second is to use the information platform to strengthen the maintenance process monitoring. Insurance institutions have developed the "elevator guard" information maintenance monitoring system. Maintenance personnel fill in maintenance records and upload maintenance site pictures through mobile APP. Insurance institutions and property companies can monitor in real time. They can send back and redo those found that maintenance work does not meet the requirements, so as to make the maintenance process more open and transparent, and effectively prevent maintenance. Guarantees cut corners. Ningbo pilot, insurance institutions collected 11,195 maintenance records, found that maintenance work did not meet the requirements sent back 108 times, effectively promoting the quality of maintenance.

    Third, actively publicize information and play a role of social supervision. The data of the elevator guard information system of insurance institutions should be publicized to owners and the public in time. The public can scan the two-dimensional code in the elevator car, inquire about the elevator maintenance work, report to the maintenance, property, insurance institutions and quality supervision departments, and supervise the implementation of management and maintenance responsibilities of property and maintenance units through the most direct users.

    Fourth, data analysis should be carried out to help scientific supervision. The quality supervision department makes full use of the elevator maintenance status and data provided by insurance institutions, combines with the information system of safety supervision, timely and accurately grasps the safety status of each elevator and the quality of work of each maintenance unit, and shifts from random spot checks to focus checks and precise supervision, so as to improve the scientificity and effectiveness of supervision.

The pilot project has achieved remarkable results and promoted the formation of the mechanism of social co-governance

    First, to improve the quality of maintenance and service. Through the supervision mechanism of insurance institutions, it promotes the improvement of maintenance quality. From the 12 residential districts and 537 residential elevators in Ningbo City, the completion rate of the maintenance plan reached 100%, and the average maintenance time was extended from 35 minutes to 60 minutes, basically reaching "timely maintenance and maintenance in place".

    Second, the level of security has been raised and social costs have been reduced. Due to the improvement of maintenance quality, the average failure rate of elevators in the pilot project has decreased by about 40%, and complaints from the masses have decreased significantly. At the same time, this model improves the maintenance concentration, reduces the total cost of maintenance through scale effect, and after maintenance is in place, the repair cycle of elevator is reduced, and the total cost of elevator use is greatly reduced.

    Third, we should strengthen civil liability and promote social co-governance. The new model of "insurance + service" highlights the main responsibility of elevator safety management, strengthens the civil responsibility relationship between elevator passengers and users, fully utilizes the insurance market mechanism, realizes the transformation of elevator safety from relying mainly on administrative supervision to comprehensive social governance, and promotes the formation of social co-governance mechanism.

Perfect and innovate the new insurance mechanism and implement classified supervision according to the requirement of "putting in custody"

    One is to improve and innovate the new mechanism of "insurance + service". Next, the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection will earnestly sum up and popularize pilot experience throughout the country, guide insurance institutions to further improve the "insurance + service" products and services, encourage and support the promotion of the new insurance model from the policy point of view, constantly innovate the value-added insurance services, explore the "old-age insurance" for elevators, and the owners will pay insurance regularly when they buy houses. The insurance agency undertakes the repair, renovation and renewal of the elevator in use to solve the problem of the lack of cost for the repair, renovation and renewal of the old elevator and alleviate the worries of the owners.

    Secondly, classified supervision should be carried out according to the requirement of "releasing uniforms". While giving full play to the market restraint and incentive mechanism of insurance, we should actively change the mode of safety supervision and implement classification supervision based on risk principle. For the elevators included in the insurance supervision mechanism, as well as the enterprises with advanced technology, in place management and good reputation, we should do a good job in releasing kimonos, promote the new mode of "Internet of Things + Maintenance" on-demand maintenance, extend the periodic inspection cycle on the basis of enterprises'self-inspection and inspection, reduce the cost of enterprises, stimulate enterprises' self-management and enhance maintenance. At the same time, we should never relax the "management". For elevators with frequent failures and complaints, as well as enterprises with backward technology, weak management and non-reputation, we should strengthen the "management". We should use the limited supervision power in weak links to improve the scientificity of safety supervision. Effectiveness and overall promotion of safety level. Taking the innovation of elevator insurance as a breakthrough, we should deepen the comprehensive reform of elevator supervision and comprehensively promote the transformation of the safety supervision mode of special equipment.

(Author's Unit: Elevator Office of the Special Bureau of the General Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection), "China Quality Daily"



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