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What safety measures do elevator doors have?

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/26/2019 4:58:26 PM    Pageviews:

    In our daily life, elevators are very common, but occasionally we can see that many people in the news have lost their lives because of elevator accidents. Elevator accidents are also a frequent occurrence, so the words of elevator safety door are very important. It can protect our lives very well. Today I'd like to introduce some safety measures for elevator door.

  1、Set up warning signs
    The protective door of construction elevator has simple structure, reliable quality, convenient installation and use, and can be reused. It is made of square pipe and steel plate net (welding mesh) welded with steel plate. The welding joint is firm. The steel is made of national standard Q235 material. The commonly used size for shape is 1.3m*1.8m or 1.5m*1.8m. The surface is sprayed with yellow or red paint, and the bottom is sprayed with black-yellow or Red-white kickboards. In the middle, there are warning slogans of "pay attention to safety and close the door at will", which make people see clearly. Haoqian elevator protective door is strictly constructed according to the drawing, with correct size and meticulous workmanship, so as to achieve the purpose of construction safety protection.

  2、Material safety assured
    Generally, the protective door of elevator is painted with yellow paint, and the bottom is sprayed with yellow and black kickboards to achieve the purpose of warning and warning. The door frame is welded by 2*3cm square pipe of national standard (square pipe can be made according to customer's requirements). It has high strength, good welding quality and stability. The door bolt adopts galvanized complete set of door bolts with beautiful appearance and convenient use. Only elevator operators can open the protective door when the door bolts are outside, which can effectively prevent the construction workers waiting in the floor from opening the protective door. Eliminate the potential risk of parabolic or falling objects at high altitude.

  3、First safety net protection
    Elevator wellhead must set up the first safety net on the positive and negative zero floors. The upper part of every two floors, most of which are designed every 10m, must be consistent with the standard network of "safety net" gb5725-1997. The method must be checked in accordance with the relevant regulations. When the elevator installed in the safety net is dismantled, the operator shall wear the safety belt according to the regulations. In the floor and roof, a hole with a short side size larger than 1.5 m should be set around the hole in accordance with the requirements of protective railings, and a safety net should be set at the bottom.

    The daily protection of elevators is very important. Especially in our modern life, for some high-rise buildings, elevators are essential. But now elevator accidents are also frequent, so we must have an elevator protection door, so that it will be better prevented in the future, can better protect the lives and property of our people, more reassuring people to use the elevator.



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