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How to use the elevator door correctly?

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/26/2019 4:54:53 PM    Pageviews:

    For some high-rise buildings, it is necessary to install elevators, so when the construction workers install elevators, we will see outside the construction team will generally install a construction elevator door at the elevator door. In this way, he can effectively isolate some dangers, because there may be some potential safety hazards when construction is under way. In this way, the safety of workers can be more guaranteed, and more standardized construction can be achieved. Then, let's introduce the correct use of elevator construction methods.

  1、Conduct safety checks
    When the construction elevator first runs, it must run without or full load. The ladder cage is lifted about 1m from the ground to stop. The sensitivity of the brake is checked. Then it continues to rise the floor platform and check the protective door of the construction elevator to confirm its normal operation. It is strictly forbidden to operate buttons when overloading operation elevator is running to the top and bottom floor. It is strictly forbidden to stop construction elevator by automatic collision of travel limit switch. Before starting construction elevator, whistle warning must be sounded first, and enough lighting should be provided for night operation. When one ladder cage of double cage elevator is being repaired or maintained, the other ladder cage is not allowed to operate.

  2、Safety protection requirements
    The facade is welded with small-hole steel mesh or wire mesh, which can effectively prevent the construction elevator operation accidents caused by the waiting construction workers extending their hands. It is convenient for the elevator operators to observe the situation in the building. It is also conducive to communication inside and outside the building. The middle position of the facade is sprayed with warning signs and the warning line of the foot-kicking board below, which is a wake-up call to the construction personnel. The door axle is welded by 16# round pipe, which is easy to install. It only needs to weld 90 degree right angle round pipe at the position corresponding to the door axle on the outer frame upright pole, and then hang the protective door. It is convenient to remove and remove.

  3、Operate strictly in accordance with requirements
    In the construction of the site, we should use the elevator protection door strictly in accordance with the specifications. We should not rush in and work carelessly under unknown circumstances. We should know that this is a major matter concerning the whole family and whether the construction project can be carried out safely and smoothly. When choosing and purchasing elevator protective doors for construction, we should select them strictly according to the specific requirements of the construction site. It is good to select suitable ones that conform to the construction site specifications. Every constructor should take strict precautions and put safety in the first place, and the responsibility is greater than the sky.

  When we install the elevator, it is very necessary to install a construction elevator door at the elevator door, which can not only guarantee the construction safety of workers. It can also effectively isolate safe and dangerous areas, so that the masses can be more reassured and reassured. For the correct use of construction elevator doors, the above is the whole content of today, more about elevator safety issues, please pay attention to our website in detail.



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