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What are the protection requirements for elevator anti-personnel shearing and falling?

Author: LINVOL    Time: 9/26/2019 4:47:19 PM    Pageviews:

    Elevator safety protection device is very important, because in the event of an elevator accident, elevator safety protection device can play a very good protective role. But during the construction of elevator, the installation personnel of elevator may have some risk of falling, because the installation of elevator is a vertical device from top to bottom, so today we will introduce the protection and requirements of elevator anti-personnel shearing and falling.

  1、Relevant facilities meet safety standards
    The car door and floor door must be equipped with electrical safety contacts to verify the closed state of the door and remain valid. The gap between the door and the surrounding structure shall not be greater than the prescribed value. In particular, the retaining wheel under the pulley of the layer door should be adjusted regularly to prevent the gap at the lower part of the middle door from being too large. The door lock must meet the requirements of Safety specifications and pass the type test. The strength and meshing depth of the locking element must be guaranteed. Electrical safety contacts must conform to the requirements of safety specifications, and ordinary electrical switches must not be used. Wiring and installation must be reliable, and to prevent misoperation due to electrical interference.

  2、Protection against over-speed and rope breakage of elevator
    Elevator due to control failure, traction inadequate, brake failure or braking force inadequate, and overload rope breakage and other reasons will cause car overspeed and fall, therefore, reliable protection measures must be taken. The protection device against overspeed and rope breakage is safety clamp-speed limiter system. Safety pliers are mechanical devices that stop the car (or counterweight) from moving downward. Safety pliers should be installed in all elevator car suspended by wire rope or chain. Safety forceps can also be set for counterweight when there is room for people to enter under the bottom pit. Safety pliers are usually mounted on the bottom beam of the sedan car frame, and act on the guide rail in pairs at the same time.

  3、Rescue device
    In the past, the rescue of the trapped elevator mainly used the method of self-rescue, that is, the operator in the car climbed up the top of the car from the upper safety window and opened the floor door. With the development of elevators, elevators without manned personnel are widely used. It is not only dangerous but also almost impossible to use self-rescue method. So now the elevator is designed to ensure that rescue must be carried out from the outside. The rescue device includes the emergency manual operation device of the tractor and the manual unlocking device of the floor door.

    In the elevator accident, once the personnel shear and fall such accident consequences are very serious. Therefore, there are relevant provisions for the protection requirements of these accidents. Some safety devices in the elevator, such as door locks and buffers, should have relevant safety protection, so as to play a final protection role to ensure the safety of personnel and elevator structure.



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